real name: Matt Evans

Here it is my first blog. I know there is a chorus of WTFs, but there are folks like me who just didn’t get around to it. I guess we need to get past this awkward moment and proceed. So a little about me. I live in San Jose, CA with my wife Elizabeth and son Taylor. I’m an actual Cal native, having started my earthly existence in San Francisco. I moved around in my youth moving to Oregon and then to Arizona. I totally reversed course and spent my high school years at a boarding school (Shawnigan Lake School) on Vancouver Island near Victoria, British Columbia. I wasn’t particularly thrilled with the school back then, but it’s a phenomenal coed boarding school now. If it was then like it is now, I would have purposely flunked my senior year maybe several times just to hang out.

Professionally I have been in the software testing biz for most of my career. I have worked for companies like Sun Microsystems (now Oracle) and Palm (now HP) and list of startups that have blended into the high tech ether. I now work as the QA director for Mozilla Corporation. I have been there since Jan, 2010. So far, the most interesting place I have ever worked at. Mozilla is such a vast array of technology, culture, history, people, process etc. I am still and probably always will trying to get my head around it. But, so far it’s been a blast.

I will write more about:me as time goes on. But this is it for now.



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